Photo by David Gavi

What do we think of when we think of powerful? I guess the first thing that can come to mind is maybe a super hero or a mutant of some sort. Power can be defined as possession of control, authority, or influence over others. I think right now we are seeing a form of power with the Russian leader Putin. But do we understand true power? I was doing some studies in the book of Luke and we read in chapter six that Jesus was so powerful because of God that’s why he could do his healings and such and when he spoke he did this with power and authority. This is true power! Think of it like this from the beginning of time when God created the world and put the stars in the sky and that birds would fly and then he would create the days, this is all done with POWER. The only true power that deserves to be glorified. We may think that we are powerful in certain ways but ultimately we are powerless.

[God’s] power is independent of place. Think ye that there was any sanctity in the upper room at Jerusalem? Behold this room is quite as sacred as that filled by the Spirit in years gone by. Dream not that the city of Jerusalem of old, in the days of the Savior was a more proper theater for divine working than this is; he can make London rejoice even as he did Jerusalem of old.

Charles Spurgeon

Many leaders in all of time tried to bring some type of power to the table and tried to rule their country or their area with some type of power but honestly it does not even measure up to a God that is full of power and can dictate the sun to go down and for it to rise again. We can not ever equal up to this power. God does not even need anything that we can provide that is how powerful he is compared to us. The power that we have or that we can even gather with a group of people is worthless compared to a power of God that even created us from the beginning of time. The one thing that we can take into account with the power of God is that the power we do receive is because of God and because of his nature.

In times of weakness we do lean on God to understand things, maybe to understand why or to understand a path that we can go down to figure out a way to get out of it well it’s all done by the power of God and the understanding that we can receive through the son for God’s glory. With true faith we can understand the power of God we can understand that he is powerful more than we are. The ones that do not have faith in God go throughout life trying to figure things out aimlessly with no true direction and when that is the case they try to bring about power of themselves but is it power? It cannot be without God but in our carnal minds we think the opposite. Matthew says this perfectly With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” with GOD all things are possible, once again in Luke For nothing will be impossible with God.” this shows us that the almighty God is powerful enough.

The reason why God is powerful is because of his understanding he knows everything of this world he knows the decisions we will make and how it will impact us and this alone is powerful. A powerful loving and just God in which he deserves the honor and praise. This is what I received from my reading this week and it’s so beautiful on how scripture can speak to us so that we understand these characteristics of God.

The Merciful Lord The Calling