This Weeks Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 17:5-13


Idols Of The Nations

Scripture: Jeremiah 10:1-14 Topic: Idolatry By: Bernard Harper

Yahweh’s Judgment

Scripture: Jeremiah 5:14-31 Topics: Mercy, Love, Judgment, By: Bernard Harper

Hope In A Hard Place

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:1-14 Topic: Hope By: Bernard Harper

Faith In The True Redeemer

Scripture: Job 19:25-26 Topic: Faithful By: Bernard Harper

Sovereignty Of God Pt 2

Scripture: Psalms 115:3 Topics: Repentance, Sin, Sovereignty, By: Bernard Harper

Sovereignty Of God Pt 1

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-5 Topic: Sovereignty By: Bernard Harper

The Loving Nature Against Enemies of the World

Scripture: Luke 6:27-36 Series: Luke Topics: Church, Sin, By: Bernard Harper

Jesus Pronounces Woes

Scripture: Luke 6:24-26 Series: Luke Topics: Wisdom, Repentance, Wrath, Judgment, By: Bernard Harper

The Blessings from God

Scripture: Luke 6:20-23 Series: Luke Topics: Redemption, Gospel, Judgment, By: Bernard Harper

The Sermon On The Plain

Scripture: Luke 6:17-19 Series: Luke Topics: Power, Teaching, By: Bernard Harper